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What we do

Our team offers you a professional and cost-effective alternative solution to manufacturers services.

With over 25 years of experience in mechanical & electronic engineering and servicing, All CNC Service and Sales is the ideal solution for all generations of machinery, new and old. We maintain and repair lathes, milling and ultrasonic machines from a limitless array of major manufacturers - and at an extremely competetive pricepoint which is significantly less than that of the manufacturers. In addition to our services, we also offer the supplies, parts and products to cater to your unique needs. We understand that each and every one of Partners & Customers has different needs that is unique and specific to them. Because of this, we go to great lengths to find solutions that accomodate your specific situation. Our quality of service will always be above and beyond, but not your costs.

We have our team for you, our customers strengthened

Service and maintenance for machine tools is more increasingly important area. To be faster and more cost-effective for our customers, we place our technicians in the service area.

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  • More favorable service hourly rates
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A strong team around you.

Our Services

These are the typical allocation of skills and services that we provide to Partners & Customers.

CNC maintenance
CNC repair
CNC install

Meet the President

Steffen Wilhelm is the President and owner of All CNC Service & Sales. Steffen has more than 33 years of servicing experience in the CNC machining industry worldwide. First starting his apprenticeship in mechanics and electronics, then earning his masters while working for DMG; finally, after having worked for DMG for more than 25 years, Steffen chose to expand out on his own ventures and created All CNC Service & Sales. His goal was to offer CNC maintenance and servicing to clients in a personalized, affordable and cost-effective way while maintaining or exceeding the service quality of the manufacturers.

Steffen’s experience includes both small and large-scale companies, where he has implemented many various service and maintenance programs, as well as networking solutions to optimize the production on parts and quality. It is this advanced-level knowledge and experience that he brings to All CNC Service & Sales, as well as to his clients.

Steffen Wilhelm

"We will work with you to determine your needs and satisfy your budget. We offer you the full spectrum of industry expertise and service you would expect of the manufacturer, but at a much lower cost." - Steffen Wilhelm, President & Owner of All CNC Service & Sales

ALL CNC Service & Sales

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Our Services

With more than 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering and servicing, All CNC Service and Sales is the ideal maintenance and servicing solution for all generations of machinery, new and old. We specialize in DeckelMahoGildemeister (DMG) CNC manufacturing products and Siemens and Heidenhain controls. All CNC is also the sole-authorized U.S. service and sales provider for StatusPro measurement products.

Our service team ensures maximum machine availability and productivity. Our unique, comprehensive service network guarantees that your machining tools are quickly and reliably made operational in the event of a problem. Our highly qualified service technicians are immediately available to help you, whether via the service hotline, or professional on-site servicing.

Whether it is repairing a failed machine, a comprehensive maintenance servicing or a productivity consultation — All CNC Service & Sales strives to provide a level and service that is "second-to-none", offering solutions to maintain maximum productivity during a crisis event and minimizing machine "downtime".



Parts & Product Sales

We offer a wide range of parts and products to Partners & Customers, ranging from Siemens, Heidenhain, Sauter Turrets, Waldmann, StatusPro and many more. We also offer a "guarantee backup" program for qualified clients. Custom part orders from "Europe" is also conveniently available upon request. All CNC offers competitive pricing for Partners & Customers at a substantial savings.


Visual Maintenance

Maintenance & Servicing

We offer complete maintenance servicing of CNC milling and turning machines that meets or exceeds manufacturers’ specifications. Whether we are needed for a maintenance consultation, single-service maintenance request or full-service scheduled maintenance plan/subscription, we ensure maximum machine availability and operation. Our maintenance services include: Consultations, single-service or schedule-based plans, drive optimization, geometry verification, adjustments and calibration and full equipment reconditioning (remote facilities and on-site).

Visual Calibration

Machine Laser Calibration

The precise alignment and calibration of machines is a important part of the Quality Management. Especially in the tool machinery market precision down to a µm is required. The new µLine system is an easy to handle yet very precise system for the measurements of straightness and parallelism.µLine was developed for the industrial rather than the laboratory environment. It’s a two laser frequency interferometer with an integrated PSD for laser position detection.
µLine has a very extensive "weather station"; environmental influences on the measurement are kept down to a minimum through comprehensive temperature and pressure compensation.

Visual Ballbar Testing

Ballbar Testing

In theory if you program a CNC machine to trace out a circular path and the positioning performance of the machine was perfect then the actual circle would exactly match the programmed circle. In practice many factors in the machine geometry, control system and wear can cause the radius of the test circle and its shape to deviate from the programmed circle.
Data analysis
You have a choice of several report formats according to International standards (e.g. ISO, ASME) and the comprehensive Renishaw diagnostics (including volumetric analysis) with a number of different screens views and links to the help manual.Many reports can be customised and the final result used for written reports.

Visual Repairs


All CNC Service & Sales knows that there comes a time when parts and machines eventually fail. Our extensive experience in maintenance and service has offered us the same calibur of expertise in repair. Our repairs include: mechanical and electronic components, sauter repairs, spindle repair, replacement of oem and aftermarket parts, pump repair, scale repair, hard drive repair/replacement and realignments. As with our maintenance and servicing, all Parts are completely warrantied.

Visual Installation


All CNC offers "up-to-date," factory-trained technicians who will install your machines to full manufacturers’ specifications. We guarantee that all installations will meet specific factory protocols and guildelines. We offer both standardized and customized installations, based on the needs of your facility or workflow schematics. Once installation is complete, our trained technicians will re-assess all protocols to ensure the accuracy of the installation, thus guaranteeing the operations and efficiency of your CNC machine.

Visual Relocation


We provide reliable, professional and safe machinery moving and shop relocation services. All CNC relocation services include expert precision planning and execution until your machines are back up and running. We provide move assessment, facility evalution, timeline development, contractor management, electrical, de- and re-installation and project monitoring.

Server Racks

Networking Solutions

A good communications system provides not only the functionality and capabilities necessary for productive, efficient manufacturing, it also provides scalability to meet the requirements of small shops, full-scale manufacturing plants and everything in between. Inquire about our networking services and products. We support all aspects necessary to successfully implement your communications, from planning to troubleshooting to full-scale installations.

Machine Park

Manufacturing / Efficiency Analysis

Let us assess your manufacturing process. In the world of CNC machining, everyone knows that efficiency is the key priority to a successful shop. Our team of professionals can help you analyze and execute the best possible setup for your workflow. We work with Partners & Customers to help create a safer, more efficient and profitable environment.


ALL CNC Service & Sales


Our Service Rates

Our Service and Maintenance rates are competitive and unchanged since 2011. If you need any calibration for your CNC Machine please ask us for a quotation.


Please contact us.

Service is our business

We are dedicated to meeting your service needs with promptness and professionalism.

CNC’s highly experienced service technicians are qualified to quickly diagnose & repair system failures of many types, including ...

  • Communication
  • Electrical
  • Hydraulic
  • Mechanical
  • Pneumatic
  • Programming


Our service technicians keeping your downtime to a minimum and quickly locate any necessary replacement parts.
During scheduled service calls, our technicians will assess potential machine failures, preventing further unexpected downtime.

Preventative Maintenance

Most machine shops overlook routine care of one of their greatest investments ... their machines!

  • Machines older than one year need Preventative Maintenance on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis.
  • Most costly repairs to machine tools are as a result of lack of lubrication and/or undetected minor problems that could be eliminated with routine Preventative Maintenance.
  • A Preventative Maintenance Program from CNC offers more than just fluid changes, your machine will undergo an in-depth inspection process, upon completion you will be provided with a detailed report.
  • Regular Preventative Maintenance can be performed during non-operational hours, so there is no loss of valuable production time.


Keeping your machine running at the highest level of accuracy.

At CNC Machine Services, we can perform the following calibrations:

  • pitch error compensation
  • ball bar diagnostics
  • Machine laser measurements and calibration


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